Joan Miró – Octopus, Moon

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The Nils Tryding Collection of Works by Joan Miró in Kristianstad.

In 1973 Joan Miró produced an original silk-screen poster for Swedish collector and physician Nils Tryding (1929–2021). The poster was to manifest the first exhibition of his unique collection arranged by the museum in Kristianstad.
Now, many years later the entire collection have been donated – through two instalments in 2003 and 2012 – to the municipality of Kristianstad, through the Kristianstad’s Konsthall (Centre for Contemporary Art). This book documents this magnificent donation.

The core of the donation consists of the 154 original posters created between 1937 and 1983. Most of them take the form of lithographs but there are also serigraphs and one woodcut. Some of them are signed by the artist and a few have personal dedications from Joan Miró to Nils Tryding.

Today the collection, Miró’s Posters and Other Original Works of Art on Paper, consists of more than 420 works. It also includes a large library of books, records and films about Joan Miró.

This book contains initiated texts by Joan Punyet Miró, art historian and the artist’s grandson,
Thomas Kjellgren, the former director of Kristianstad’s Konsthall and Nils Tryding, the collector himself. Preface by Marika Reuterswärd, present director of Kristianstad’s Konsthall and today responsible for the collection.

The book includes a complete catalogue of the donation, fully illustrated.

Texts in English. 256 pages. 170 x 240 mm. Hard cover. (2023)

Graphic design: Sune Nordgren & Daniel Åderman

ISBN 978 91 7936 131 0



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