Anette Abrahamsson

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“Why a book, a monograph, about my work as an artist in the realm of painting over a period of 40 years, when everything today seems to be digital? The simple answer is: just because! Painting has to do with tactility, a quality that paper also possesses – the tangible sensation of picking something up and looking at it.

In January 2021 I decided the time was right to publish this monograph. Fortunately I wasn’t aware of the complex task it would be to search for old slides, and sort and catalogue paintings according to specific time periods and series. It has been an intense journey revisiting my works from the 1980s up until today, being reminded of the transformation of my artistic praxis through different time periods along with the experiences all this has given me.”

A retrospective presentation over four decades of artistic praxis. Parallel to her work Anette Abrahamsson (b.1954) have been teaching at art academies in Sweden and Denmark, latest at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts.

Texts by Sanne Kofod Olsen, Per Aage Brandt and Anette Abrahamsson

Graphic design by Louise Zyskind

Prepress and print by Narayana Press

Book binding by Italgraf Media

Printed in Denmark 2022

Hard cover. 230 x 280 mm. 192 pages.

ISBN 978 91 7936 133 4

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