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Anna och David

Kalejdoskop Förlag har gett ut en bok med titeln I See Through You med Anna Nordquist Andersson. Med David Svensson har vi gett ut två böcker, Mot mitten och försvinnandet samt Efterord. På söndag öppnar de en utställning i Johannesburg tillsammans.



The Swedish artist and photographer Anna Nordquist Andersson has for many years been interested in the photograpic gaze and it´s gender coding. In a seemingly simple but yet very intricate image study she deconstructs the prejudice of the male gaze. The concept of deconstruction is here for once completely in effect – it is exactly what Andersson does. Her method is to see through, elucidate and in various ways ask questions about underlying structures. In her latest work Black Chamber she reuses photographs, media images and texts as readymades. Her starting point is the old ads and magazine pages from camera manufactures during the 60s and 70s such as Hasselblad, Nikon, Canon, Olympus and others. All ads are from the American magazine LIFE, famous for it`s photojounalism. What interested her when she started working with this material, was the clearly male language in the ads that unabashedly targeted at a male consumer. This is Canon’s slogan: ”Finally, an SLR camera that even your wife can use”. Another example: ”Where man goes, there goes the Hasselblad”. Her method is a photogram, they are contact printed so that both sides are superimposed in a single image, which then resembles an x-ray. The work involves conceptual work on what’s under the surface and thus shed light on important issues.


Anna Nordquist Andersson, Born 1976, Sweden

Previous Exhibitions: Galleri Ping-Pong, Sweden, Elastic Gallery, Sweden, Peter Lav Gallery Copenhagen, Krannert Art Museum, Urbana-Champaign, USA, Malmö Konstmuseum, Åbo Konstmuseum, Finland, Trondheim Kunstmuseum,  Kunsthal Charlottenborg, Copenhagen, Denmark



The Swedish artist David Svensson’s works range from the maximally expansive – public space, the city and our social relationships – to the minimal and contracted – the almost empty page of a book and the barely perceptible way a sheet of paper speaks to us.

Absent Stories is the title of David Svensson collages made out of blank pages from books from the 19th century and onwards. The pages, just like the books, have various formats and paper qualities. The blank pages that lead and follow texts in books, tinted by age, gently marked with pentimenti from inserted notes and clippings, are far from mute. The artist is interested in the stories they hold. The very life of the book is imprinted into these fragile pages. The book is the vehicle for transporting the story; the blank page is in fact not blank at all. The support for the story tells a story. Story is both noun and verb. As a verb, it means to decorate something with images of scenes.


David Svensson, Born 1973, Sweden

Previous Exhibitions: Starkwhite, Auckland New Zealand, Curitiba Biennial, Brazil, Old world Rise Again, Kunsthallen Brandts, Odense, Denmark, The Waste Land, Galleri Specta, Copenhagen, Denmark, Havanna, The 1st at Moderna, Moderna Museet, Stockholm, Sweden, Space Light, Krannert Art Museum, Urbana-Champaign, USA, Wanås, Sweden, Illuminators, Malmö Konsthall, Sweden
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